Scratch Open Frame Case Build

Hello to all

Time for another case build. It has been more than a year passed; I made my last Scratch case build the Home Media Server (Small Square).

Home Media Server (Small Square)

Since then was busy in other stuff. But now with launch of the Intel's new Processor SKYLAKE and personally reviewing one, I feel this is the best time for a new build.

Already having few PC builds, I am thinking for making a small size case.. no not ITX.. mATX form factor this time. Something different this time.. after many thoughts I have decided to make a mATX Open Frame case..

Inspiration of the build in IN-WIN D-frame Mini.. It's an ITX form factor case .

Build Log

Basic idea and layout will be as following..

Instead of making frame from steel pipes, I will be using light weight and hard PVC pipes plastic welded together to form base frame structure.

Testing of PVC joints.

After two days of effort base frame is ready.

Frame is rigid and strong, but will be sending for plastic welding by this week end.

Frame came back after plastic welding. Done a drop test from 1st floor..and frame is super rigid.

First RED primer applied to all joints,, ones dried will be sanding , filling and re-applying primer...

Thanks for watching … stay tuned for more updates.

Colouring of frame done. Now test accembly for PSU and CPU cooling.

Hardware arrived, now final accembling.

Very good overclocking at good voltage, think I am having a nice CPU.

Front miny touch screen installed.

Thanks for watching … Hope you all enjoyed the build log.