Metal Dragon Build with MSI

Hello to all, and welcome to another scratch PC build journey with me.

This time I am planning of sculpting a metal armour dragon head in a scratch PC build.

Will be cutting, shaping small pieces of MDF board using hand files to form basic dragon head and later will be using wood-filler for final shape and last will be hand painting the build.

Since MSI uses dragon in their logo, so I shared my idea with MSI, and they were very happy to support this build.

First I will be making a dragon head, once close enough I will share the idea about how the whole PC will look like … till then enjoy the build process with me

So to start with I took a scaled printout of the dragon head and started measuring and cutting MDF pieces.

Slowly things started transforming from 2D printout to real 3D shapes.

This build will be a little long and slow process and I am only able to work on this in night or weekends. But I am enjoying the process and hope you all will also like it.

Update : 10-Sep-2021 Started working on dragon eyes. Have taken lot of care as eyes are most important feature in a sculpture.

Update : 13-Sep-2021 Saturday late night work resulted in some decent output. Getting little closer day-by day.

Update : 20-Sep-2021 This week, working in late evenings slowly I am able to finish lower jaw of the Dragon head. Next on line is the tongue and the neck.

Update : 04-Oct-2021 Was little busy in life so have not posted any update in last two weeks, but project is slowly under progress.

Mostly finished the Dragon head and applied a primer layer, now one’s primer layer hardens will start sanding following with another primer layer and start colouring.

Update : 11-Oct-2021 Started working on painting of the Dragon head.

Will try to give more finishing and appearance details to the dragon.

Awaiting for the hardware to arrive so that I can start working on the PC section of the build.