Windows 10 Technical Preview

Please welcome the return of the start menu, one of the star attractions of Microsoft's new Windows 10 operating system- a feature that's been in every version of Windows (except for the most recent Windows 8) for nearly 20 years.

A full functional commercial version is still away until 2015, but technical preview is available for IT professionals and PC enthusiasts, just visit and sign up for the technical preview.

All right, now let's see what's new about Windows 10.

Booting into Windows now takes you to the all familiar desktop interface, with a Windows button in the bottom left corner that launches the dearly missed start menu. For many users that found the live tiles of Windows 8 start screen a waste of space, the return to the old user interface is a welcome improvement.

New Desktop Features.

Snapping Apps

Snapping in Windows 8 is just getting two desktop app to cover half of the desktop, but in Windows 10 if you have one narrow window than a second window can take up all the rest of the desktop or you can snap four apps, one in each corner. Windows will even show thumbnails of open windows to help you pick the one you want to snap without rearranging everything.

Windows Store

With Windows 10, rumors are that Universal Apps can be made available for multiple platforms through the store and desktop apps will also be available and managed through the Windows Store. Apps downloaded from the Windows Store can also be resized and moved around the desktop just like any other programs.

Charms Bar

New Charms Menu instead Charms bar, less touch friendly but much more mouse friendly. In a modern app like the Windows Store, that keyboard shortcut brings up a mini Charms menu hanging off the top left corner of the app instead.

Virtual Desktop

Multiple desktops in one Windows made possible in Windows 10, say one virtual desktop for your work-related apps and another for your personal apps.. Click Add a Desktop icon on the taskbar to create a new desktop or hit WIN+CTRL+D from keyboard.

New Console features.

Copy /Paste feature in console is now available in Windows 10. Console setting now can be saved as a shortcut file which can be copied and implemented on many machines. Nice feature of IT personally.

Command prompt window can be resized to full Windows height and width with automatic adjustment of buffer size.

Windows 10 will even introduce transparency to the console Window. CTRL+SHIFT+Plus or Minus will increase or decrease the transparency, or you can substitute the mouse wheel instead of Plus/Minus.

Drop shadows

Windows 8 was very flat from a UI perspective. With Windows 10, drop shadows are back, which should be a big help to those with many windows open, and especially with multiple monitors.

New Search

Internet Explorer 11

There's now only one version of Internet Explorer, and this displays both the address bar and open tabs right where you can see them.

Touch and Tablet Setting

New Windows Icons

On Screen keyboard

There are various enterprise-specific features, too: businesses can create user groups to handle system updates differently; mobile device management capabilities have been extended to include laptops and desktops; and volume app purchases and company-specific stores will be available in the new, unified app store.

Microsoft Windows 10 technical preview version will expire on 15 April 2015. Final version of Windows 10 may look and act quite differently to the technical preview.

Windows 10 has restored the functionality which was missing since 2012 with some cosmetic changes and better driver support. During the review I found Windows 10 as a stable system with improved usability than Windows 8.