ANTEC P120 Crystal Case Review

For last few years we have reviewed many PC cases each one was a good designed and stood different. And today we got an opportunity to review a premium case from ANTEC, which offers a great combination of aesthetics and performance when it comes to a PC Case, the ANTEC P120 Crystal Mid-Tower case. A mid-tower case that features full tempered glass side and front panel along with great support to both air and water cooling build.

Now let’s have a look on what features does ANTEC P120 case have for us.


Slide It, Swing It
Say goodbye to thumbscrews. P120 Crystal comes with an industry-leading slide button design on the tempered glass side panel.

Up to the Top
The top-mounted PSU chamber frees the space at the bottom of P120 Crystal, allowing users to have more options to plan their custom water-cooling loop and radiators.

Unparalleled Scalability
P120 Crystal also comes with 7 x horizontal and 3 x vertical expansion slots, offering huge space for you to explore more potential PC configuration.

Aluminum VGA Holder
The inbuilt aluminum VGA holder is flexible, providing plenty of possible positions for graphics card.

Go Beyond Performance
Supporting up to 7 x 120 mm or 6 x 140 mm fans, also crafted to mount 2 x 360 mm radiators simultaneously.

Powerful Heat Dissipation

Easy Access, Easy to Clean

For system integrators



Standard plain brown packaging with product image and few paragraph describing features outside.

Inside, two large Styrofoam blocks protecting case from top and bottom. Case is covered with black cotton-fiber bag.

Guide and accessories for the P120 case

Close look

Components Installation

E-ATX form factor board fits perfect with ample cooling solution and support of long GFX cards.


  • Great design and looks
  • Good Price
  • Easy installation
  • Solid build quality
  • Tempered glass side panels
  • Both Air and Water cooling support


  • No Fan included

ANTEC P120 Crystal case is a nice Mid-Tower PC cases with great design, tempered glass side panels and premium build quality all that at a price tag of Rs. 8.8K (approx). ANTEC P120 Crystal case also featuring both air and water cooling configuration option makes the case perfect for daily users or PC gamers , and makes it worthy of our PC TeK Reviews Choice Award.

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