Cooler Master MASTERCASE H500P MESH WHITE Review

About 15-20 years ago when doing a custom PC build, there was mostly only white colour PC cabinets/chassis available. A black coloured PC case was difficult to find and expensive too, mostly because earlier CRT monitor manufacturers use to product mostly white coloured products and white was the default theme for custom build.

Slowly things began to change, especially after introduction of LCD monitors, now display manufactures started using black pigmented ABS plastic for display housing as the white plastic body use to turn yellow and cracks after some time due to UV degradation. Now with black coloured monitors the black coloured PC cases became as the mainstream colour option.

Now history is repeating itself and white PC chassis are slowing started appearing in premium segment. Today we are reviewing one such interesting white case by Cooler Master from their well-known MASTERCASE product line, the Cooler Master MASTERCASE H500P MESH WHITE Case. A full tower white coloured case for a classic milk chocolate type custom PC build.

Cooler Master MASTERCASE H500P MESH WHITE Case comes with two 200mm RGB fans in front along with light grey tinted tempered glass side panel, a vertical GPU mount option, PSU and back cable management cover for clean build and more.

Now let's have a look on what features does Cooler Master H500P MESH WHITE case have for us.


Builder Focused
The H500P's design allows for easy disassembly. All of the panels can be easily taken off, ideal for CaseModders looking to paint their PC.

Two 200mm RGB Fans Behind a Mesh Front Panel
Optimized airflow is guaranteed with a complete mesh front panel, providing plenty of air intake for the two pre-installed 200mm RGB fans. Use RGB lighting to create a captivating build in your preferred color theme.

Covers For Clean Building
A PSU shroud, the CPU cut out cover and additional cable covers take clean cable management to the next level. Assemble clean builds like a pro!

Show Off Your Graphics Card
Two additional PCI slots at the rear enable you to show off one graphics card in the vertical position.
* Additional Riser Cable needed to use your graphic card vertically.

Clear View Inside
The MasterCase H500P Mesh White has a light grey tinted tempered glass side panel and plastic top cover, making it ideal for showcasing your build with (RGB) lighting.

Liquid Cooling Ready
The MasterCase H500P Mesh White accommodates up to a 360mm radiator on the top and front.

Airflow Optimization
The MasterCase H500P Mesh White is optimized for better airflow through its front mesh.



Case comes in a huge black packing box with product image in front and few paragraph describing features outside.

Inside we have a big cloth carry back with handles to pull the case out of the box. Two Styrofoam cutouts suspends the case with in the bag. Box also includes guide, accessories and a 1 to 3 RGB splitter cable.

Close look

Case looks great with white power coated steel shell and perfect matching remaining plastic parts.

Top cover of case comes off easy and have side air vents with filter. Also top have a tinted acrylic cover which is unfortunately kept in place using just double sided tape, slight pressure on top pops out the acrylic piece. UPDATE : All retail H500P cases are having top acrylic plastic ultrasonically welded in place, so no such issue is there any more.

Top of case have easy mounting removable tray for upto 360mm radiator mounting.

Side tempered glass panel comes off easy with single 90-degree twist type screw mechanism. Panel also have metal locking plates in bottom to keep the glass secure and safe.

Case looks lovely white

PSU have a separate cover with removable filter in bottom of case.

Back of case have full metal side panel. Removing it shows cable hideout covers with lot of cable tie points for better cable management.

Front plastic cover can be easily removed for cleaning. Front panel comes with fine mesh and air filter.

Components Installation

CPUAMD Ryzen 2700X
Board MSI X470 Gaming Pro Carbon
RAM 2 X 8GB Corsair DDR4 3000Mhz
SSD Corsair Force GT 240 SSD
CoolerCooler Master MASTERLIQUID MAKER 240
GFX Gigabyte GTX 970
PSUCooler Master 750

Installing hardware was easy and smooth in this case also as many other Cooler Master Cases.


  • Lovely white Colour
  • Nice Tempered glass
  • Easy hardware installation
  • Great Air flow design
  • Front 2 X 200mm RGB Fan included
  • Great Cable management options
  • Vertical GPU Mount


  • Top acrylic cover is kept in place using just double sided tape, slight pressure on top pops out the acrylic piece. UPDATE : All retail H500P cases are having top acrylic plastic ultrasonically welded in place, so no such issue is there any more.
  • With such a great cable management options, case back side panel should also be made tempered glass side panel.

With the full white colour and proper air flow design, the Cooler Master MASTERCASE H500P MESH WHITE Case is definitely a great choice for pc builders looking for a white colour theme build with RGB lighting, as case fans supports all the major motherboard RGB lighting.

Case have a vertical GPU mount support and you need to buy a riser cable separately, but is not suggested for air-cooled GPUs, as it results higher GPU temperature. But liquid cooled GPU owners should go for this mounting as it looks great. This case is one of the best air flow designed case and I am loving the whole white colour build theme.

Finally at a price tag of Rs.12850(approx.) Cooler Master MASTERCASE H500P MESH WHITE Case with RGB is the best eye catching / showcase type build case offering great looks and nice air flow with very low noise. Best suitable for gaming and workstation type builds

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