Corsair Crystal Series 570X RGB Case Review

Computer cases have now turned from to be just a metal box to store hardware up to a great piece of art and design. Few years back an ATX computer case with fan mounting holes on side panel was one of the most marketed featured. One brand did it and all others followed with their own design and different layouts, the same happened with the side windowed panel from acrylic to tempered glass. Then came a thing called RGB and again suddenly every brand is now showcasing features and products with it.

And now latest trend is to possibly add as much as tempered glass to the case, cover it from top to bottom with tempered glass. And case manufacturers have started making different models over these lines.

Following this latest trend, today we are reviewing a fully tempered glassed case from Corsair, the Corsair Crystal Series 570X RGB Case. A sexy looking case with tempered glass covering its four sides along with three Vivid SP120 RGB fans installed.

Three weeks back me and my friends Shatul Durlabhji and Amey Gokhale got the opportunity to build few higher end systems for AMD Ryzen launch event in INDIA and two of the workstations were build using the tempered glass goodness cases, the Corsair Crystal Series 570X RGB Case. Following are few case pics from the event.

Now let's have a look on what features does Corsair 570X case have for us.


The Final Frontier
Room for up to 6 case fans, and fully compatible with 360mm, 280mm, and 120mm radiators. Removable fan trays in the front and top of the chassis allows for additional space or mounting cooling outside of the chassis.

Four-panel tempered glass on every side of the case
Possibly the most beautiful case CORSAIR has ever made. With tempered glass enclosing the entire chassis, every component of your build is on display for all to see.

Direct airflow path to keep your CPU and GPU running cooler
Light up your build with brilliant LED effects. Three included SP120 RGB LED fans and included LED controller keeps your components running cool.

Room for practically anything
Create as much space as you want with room for up to 6 case fans, virtually every size radiator or by removing fan trays.

Cable management made simple
Cable routing channels with included velcro cable straps for clean cable management.

Direct Airflow Path
Drive cages are moved up and out of the path of cool air from the front intake fans and high-temperature components.

Minimal setup
With tool-free drive installation and three-point dust filter access, the CORSAIR Crystal 570X is easy to build — and even easier to keep clean. You'll spend less time on setup and maintenance, and more time enjoying your PC.



Standard plain brown packaging with product image and few paragraph describing features outside.

Inside, two hard foam cutout blocks suspends the case and protecting from every corner and side. So much tempered glass and the case arrived without a single scratch via my local courier service shows the effort put in by the Corsair in case packing design. Case is covered with black cloth bag including guide and accessories for the 570X case

Close look

Front USB, Power button and Lighting control button. Mind NO Restart switch.

Light weight but strong aluminum alloy thumb screws for holding tempered glass panels .

Front and top glass panel comes with full air filter installed underneath. But every time to clean the filter one have to remove the whole glass panel along with.

Easy removable 240mm or 280mm AIO or radiator installation frame. One can easily mount the radiator out of the case and then slide in back the whole frame with cooler.

Silicon rubber spacer at all four glass mounting points.

Bottom of case have a rubberized edge to place and alien the glass panel holes .

PSU cover with eliminating Corsair Logo with white LED

Three Corsair SP120 RGB LED fans .

Back side with two 3.5" Hard Drive mounting bays and two 2.5" SDD mounts, along with RGB fan controller.

Bottom PSU fan filter

Components Installation

Installing hardware was also easy and smooth in this case. Same as many other Corsair Cases.

The whole tempered glass made the case look good, but also made it too heavy to move here and there. To securely lifting the case I could figure out only one position with two best hand gripping points. One above the back I/O panel and second under the front tempered holding base. Rest all the other ways to life the case will put all the load onto the glass panel screw holes.

Back side cable management looks good, but was little more challenging than other case, specially the cable cover is way too difficult to secure in place with all that cables, first you have push cover in a certain angle so that all three back notches get in their places, then a hell lot of brute force has to be applied to compress the cables and secure two thumb screws. Mind I am still left with SATA power and data cables for two HDDs and one more SDD.

I have only used single GTX 970 for this build that too powered with a single daisy chain cable. Consider a two graphics cards scenario with four PCI-e 8-pin cables in total, one can imagine the pain for proper cable management in this case.

Case meant to showcase inside of your PC, but cable management options seems to be not upto that point, but sufficient for single Graphics card solutions.

All hardware installation was neat and easy.

One thing that catches my attention, as one can see that the PSU cover in this case needs something to cover that big opening in the front and as you can see there are already two screw holes present on the PSU cover, to screw some sort of cover in place, but the cover is missing or removed from the design at the last moment. Yes one can easily mod and can make a cover for this opening, but on first place what's the point of having such a big opening here. No air needed to be pushed here nor any cable routing or liquid cooling tubes pass through needed.

Rather this big opening is showing all your cable mess which we are trying to hid in first place via a PSU cover.

I will ask Corsair and try to update more about the purpose of this big opening.

Top AIO mountings are perfect to install 240mm AIO solutions even with big VRM heatsink of my Gigabyte Z170- Gaming G1 motherboards.

And all the RGB and tempered glass goodness just spreads all over when you power on the PC. The combo of soft light LED fans and tinted tempered glass makes you just keep staring at the case for hours.


  • Sexy Looks
  • Easy hardware installation
  • Great Air flow design
  • Corsair SP120 RGB Fans included
  • Big Air filters
  • Both Air and Water cooling support


  • With tempered glass all over , it is a delicate beauty. Handle with care Case
  • No RESTART button
  • 3.5 “ hard disk drive can only be mounted with their PCB side in front.
  • Difficult cable management .
  • No fan controller only lighting controller.
  • Big opening at PSU cover showing all the cable mess inside

Corsair 570X is the first ever case which made me forget what I have to do, ones I powered up the PC. The combination of tempered glass all over and the soft light SP120 LED fans diverted my mind from doing a review to just relax on the chair and keep staring at the case, forgot all the pain put in the cable management and the build. From looks aspects this case is just sexy.

With an approx price tag of Rs. 15K, the Corsair 570X case seems little expensive. Yes most of the price goes for all that tempered glass and three SP120 RGB fans, but lot of glass panels with great air flow also makes this case a dust magnet. Included dust filters will keep your PC happy from inside, but the glossy glass will magnify the dust accumulated on the inner side of the glass and will require a lot of cleaning. And one have to remove the whole glass panels again and again, which will increase the chances of breaking one. So be aware this case is a delicate beauty which needs to be handled with care.

Rest performance wise or AIO cooling, air flow wise I found no issue what so ever with this case. There is a minute cable management issue and the big opening at PSU cover, which I am sure Corsair will consider to provide an improvement in its next variant.

So at conclusion, if you are looking for a PC case to make all your friends goes WOW with its looks, than the Corsair Crystal Series 570X RGB Case is your destination.

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