Gamdias ZEUS E1 Gaming mouse Review

Today we are reviewing a Gaming mouse from GAMDIAS, the Gamdias ZEUS E1 Gaming mouse. A low price variant of a well known GAMDIAS gaming mouse the Zeus P1 RGB optical gaming mouse. Beside the same Optical sensor but little less DPI up to 3200DPI the ZEUS E1 Gaming mouse resemble same looks and feel. With the lower price tag ZEUS E1 losses the Software interface with only 125Hz polling rate.

Gamdias ZEUS E1 Gaming mouse features a multi-color lighting design with a very comfortable fit in my hand. The Gamdias ZEUS E1 mouse comes along with a Gamdias NYXE1 mouse pad.

Now let's see what this Gamdias ZEUS E1 Gaming mouse has for us.




Mouse comes in a good card-box packing with product image on front and mentioning of features. Also we have transparent side window showing the bundled NYXE1 mouse pad.

Inside the box

Along with the mouse box also includes mini sized NYXE1 mouse pad with textured polymer fabric liner giving a smooth mouse movement. But I think the size of mouse-pad is too small for gamers, playing games like DOOM was very difficult with constrained size. Where are routine desktop work was very smooth and fast over this mouse pad.


Mouse is light weighted with classic shape and ergonomic design letting you play for extended periods without any discomfort.

Dedicated on-the-fly DPI adjustment button allows adjusting DPI from 1000, 1600, 2400, and 3200 DPI, and is positioned perfectly below the scroll-wheel for quick in-game access.

ZEUS E1 provide a crisp clean switch clicks with a life cycle of 8 million clicks.

The double-level, multi-color, stream lighting system in action.


Two part compact PCB design, with 9 defused multi-color LED installation. All switches are yellow Huano switches rated for 8 million clickes.


Mouse connected to the test system


Playing DOOM with Gamdias ZEUS E1 Gaming mouse was good experience. The bundled mouse pad didn't go well for gaming due to its size, so for gaming I used another large mouse-pad.

The whole design give comfortable palm grip, the textured rubber side grips were very handy if you need to lift the mouse while gaming.

At maximum 3200 DPI resolution mouse offered a smooth and direct tracking movements. With handy on-fly DPI adjustment button, while playing one can easily set DPI when they need, like snipe or fast killing.

Regular Desktop working

While doing regular desktop work, like internet surfing, file/folder exploring and doing productive work like photo editing and 3d designing, we found this mouse fast and accurate.

With high DPI the bundled mouse-pad was giving balanced performance between speed and control even at 4K resolution of windows area.


  • Comfortable design
  • Multi Color LED lighting
  • On-fly DPI adjustment button
  • Bundled Mouse-Pad


  • No Software
  • Small sized Mouse Pad


After spending about a week of time with the Gamdias ZEUS E1 Gaming mouse, I have to admit that it is a very comfortable mouse to work with. At a price of approx Rs.2399 the Gamdias ZEUS E1 Gaming mouse is well worth the money along with the comfort, lighting experience and the bundle NYXE1 mouse pad .

If you are looking for a low price gaming mouse with good performance, great aesthetics and superb comfort level, the Gamdias ZEUS E1 Gaming mouse is the best option for you.

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