ROG THOR 1200W Platinum Power Supply Review

Asus Republic Of Gamers (ROG) product line is known for great innovations and quality gaming / enthusiast PCs component products and today we are reviewing the first power supply from the Republic of Gamers product line, the new ROG Thor 1200W Platinum Gaming Power Supply Unit.

The ROG Thor 1200W Platinum Gaming Power Supply offers reliable power delivery with phenomenal efficiency. It comes with 80 Plus Platinum certification that guarantees efficiency around 90% for a wide range of loads and input voltages. Beside Aura Sync lighting support and a real-time wattage meter display, the PSU also includes individually sleeved cables for the motherboard and graphics cards, plus combs to keep the leads neatly aligned. Above all the ROG Thor 1200W Platinum Gaming Power Supply comes with 10-year warranty.

Now let's see what this ROG Thor 1200W PSU has for us.


ROG Thor 1200W Platinum Power Supply Unit stands out with Aura Sync and an OLED display

  • Aura Sync : Advanced customization with addressable RGB LEDs and Aura Sync compatibility
  • OLED Power Display : Real-time power draw monitoring with OLED Power Display
  • ROG Thermal Solution : 0db cooling with dustproof IP5X Wing-blade Fan and ROG heatsink design
  • 80 PLUS Platinum : Built with 100% Japanese capacitors and other premium components
  • Sleeved Cables : For easy building and superior aesthetics

ASUS Aura Sync - Outshine The Competition
ASUS Aura Sync is the illumination ecosystem that lets you synchronize lighting effects across your gaming rig, components, and peripherals. The ROG Thor 1200W Platinum has addressable Aura RGB LEDs built in and ready for you to create your custom look.

The ROG Thor 1200W Platinum is the first PC PSU in the world to feature an integrated OLED panel, offering a real-time display of power draw. Now you can see at a glance how much juice your rig is using.

We've equipped the ROG Thor 1200W Platinum with a 135mm patented Wing-Blade fan to maximize component lifespan. IP5X dust-resistance keeps it spinning freely and 0db technology utilizes thermal sensors to allow the fan to switch off completely at lower wattages - enabling totally silent operation.

The integrated ROG heatsinks have 2x more volume than traditional designs, resulting in 20% lower temperatures inside the ROG Thor 1200W Platinum.This enables cooler operation, extending the lifespan of components and allowing 0dB operation long after standard designs would have to spin up their fans.

The ROG Thor 1200W Platinum utilizes top-end Japanese capacitors to ensure efficient operation. This has earned an 80 PLUS Platinum certification, which guarantees 89% efficiency at 100% load and 92% at 50% load. The increased efficiency produces less heat, reducing fan noise and increasing reliability.

We know you'll want to get building right away, so we've included high-quality sleeved and standard cables. The sleeved cables include one 24-pin, four 6+2-pin PCI-e cables and two 8-pin CPU cables. We've also included an RGB connector that plugs into the addressable RGB header on your ASUS motherboard.

We're so confident about the reliability of the ROG Thor 1200W Platinum that we back it with a 10-year* worldwide warranty.



ROG Thor 1200W PSU comes in a securely packaged box with ROG graphics, Model name and features highlights on front and the back of the box.

Inside the box

Box includes ROG Thor 1200W PSU along with sleeved cables, Power cable, PSU mounting screws, tie-wraps, cable ties, some cable combs and a user manual

Included PSU cables are modular using 18AWG gauge wire and are mostly sleeved


ROG has done a great effort on aesthetics of the PSU. With a matte black paint and unique fan grill, gives the PSU a premium feel.


Seasonic being the OEM, the ROG Thor 1200W power supply offers very good build quality ensures reliable power delivery with phenomenal efficiency .


Test system configuration -

CPUIntel Core i9 9900K
Board MSI Z390 Gaming Plus
SSDKingston SV300 120GB
CoolerPhase Changer Cooling
PSU ROG Thor 1200W
DisplayAcer S220HQL
OS Windows 10

Custom made DC Active dummy load PSU tester.

Load Test

To test the PSU on my Active load test, I have manually increased the load in Amps on 12v first rail, 12v second rail, 5v and 3.3v rail to simulate 100%, 80% 50% and 20% load. Since this PSU is having only single 12v rail, so divided the load in half on both 12v loads on my tester.

5V stand-by and -12V supply was left at a constant 0.5amp load throughout the test run.

Maximum theoretical load handling capacity of my tester is somewhat around 1500W, but due to MOSFETs safe operating area (SOA) characteristics and thermal load handling capacity of the heatsinks, this tester can handle Max 1300W.. For safety reasons I have also installed a thermal controller which turn OFF the attached PSU if temperature exceeds SOA specifications.

During test the PSU ran smoothly up to 1265W of load, when tried to pull more the PSU turned itself OFF showing the proper working of Overload protection .


  • Quality Build
  • Attractive design
  • AURA RGB lighting
  • High quality sleeved cables
  • 10 years warranty
  • AC Watt meter in-build


  • Nil


ROG Thor 1200W Platinum Power Supply is one of the most attractive designed PSU so far. In our test it showed good voltage stability, platinum efficiency and clean power delivery. High quality sleeved cables are included with the unit along with AURA RGB lighting support and AC Watt meter, makes it perfect PSU for enthusiast and extreme overclockers. With this ROG Thor 1200W Platinum Power Supply we were able to push our i9-9900K CPU upto 5.8GHz easily.

Finally, as it's said “Excellent quality doesn't come cheap", this is true for ROG Thor 1200W Platinum Power Supply. One has to pay a premium price for this PSU, but in return with my personal on hand experience I can easily say that, ASUS made sure that it's customer gets the best component and product quality along with a ‘peace of mind' 10 years warranty with the ROG Thor 1200W Platinum Power Supply, makes this power supply unit worthy of our PC TeK Reviews EXCELLENCE Award.

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