Sennheiser IE 200: An affordable IE 600, almost!

A very warm welcome! Sennheiser, to the entry level space of audiophiles with the IE 200s. It’s an addition to their existing IE series lineup of IEMs IE900, IE 600 and IE 300. Let’s have a look at it closely in this review.



  • Well-built plastic material IEMs.
  • Decently built cable but feels cheap for the asking price.
  • Average ear tips.

Comfort and Noise isolation:

  • Excellent with decent noise isolation if you get the right fit.


  • You get the essentials but nothing fancy.
    • IEMs.
    • Detachable cable.
    • Ear tips.
    • Carrying pouch.


  • 2 years.

Test Setup:

  • Source:
    • Apple Music Lossless on iPad Pro M1 + Audient ID4 & ifi Zen Dac V2
    • Apple Music Lossless on LG GX8 + internal DAC


  • High: (Detailed)
    • Treble: Detailed but has less extension.
    • Air: Moderate.
  • Mid: (Clean)
    • Lower: Clean and detailed.
    • Upper: On back foot but detailed.
  • Low: (Fast)
    • Mid Bass: Decent, doesn’t bleed in the mids.
    • Sub Bass: Decent but has less extension.
  • Imaging and Sound Stage: Decent instrument separation mostly only left and right because of the moderate sound stage.
  • Tonality: Balanced with the right amount of elevated lows and highs.


  • Couldn’t test the advertised dual tuning modes as the ear tips would go all the way through when inserted in the ear canals.
  • Third party ear tips are a must. The included foam tips may be ok for some people.
  • The sound signature is almost similar to the IE 600 with a little less sub bass, upper mid-range and treble extension.
  • Benefits with good DAC & AMP.
  • Personally, I like to pair the IE 200 with IFI Zen Dac V2 without bass boost enabled on the DAC-AMP. For on the go, I use it with the LG G8X which also sounds great.
  • Ideal for listening to Pop, Hip-Hop, EDM music.


  • Sennheiser’s bang on entrance into the entry level audiophile segment with right compromises.
  • Highly recommended in the price segment. (MRP: Rs.14,990/- at the time of review)


  • 8.5/10