XPG ALPHA Wireless Gaming Mouse Review

Today we are reviewing a wireless RGB gaming mouse from XPG featuring ergonomically designed for long lasting gaming session, the ALPHA Wireless gaming mouse which offers PIXART PAW 3335 sensor, up to 16,000 DPI and 400 IPS speed, with Wireless 2.4G / Bluetooth 5.1 / Wired connectivity, up to 60 hours of battery life and more high performance and gamer-tailored customization via XPG PRIME software.

Now let's see what this ALPHA Wireless Gaming mouse has for us.


  • Right-handed, Ergonomic gaming design for all types of gaming grips
  • High performance, low-power consumption sensor PAW-3335
  • Premium OMRON switches
  • Supports XPG PRIME Software
  • Programmable Buttons, DPI, and Lighting Settings
  • Multiple connectivity options
  • Up to 60 hours of battery usage

Designed to offer the best user experience for gaming, the XPG ALPHA WIRELESS’s ergonomic curve for the palm to rest upon, and the iconic triangular textured surface assures a firm grip at any moment and to all grip preferences.
XPG’s :Exoskeleton design language aims to synergize the strengths of both performance and function with aesthetics.
As such, the XPG ALPHA WIRELESS design concept was recognized as a winner of 2022 Red Dot Design Award.

The first feature that clearly sets XPG ALPHA WIRELESS gaming mouse apart from the pack is the simple and elegant aesthetic curve line.
Over the last few years, XPG has been investing in building its own industrial design language, called “:Exoskeleton ” to focus on a balance between form and function, an ergonomically comfortable gaming experience and enjoyable sessions without foregoing a pleasant glance on your desktop.

XPG ALPHA WIRELESS is a software-programmable gaming mouse, offers buttons, DPI settings and lighting effects to be customized and tailored to gamer’s needs.
- Up to 6 programmable buttons for gaming customization.
- Button assignments and Macros setting can be programmed and saved to user profiles.
- User profile-saved device can seamlessly switch between computers.

XPG ALPHA WIRELESS Gaming Mouse can be connected in the 2.4G wireless mode, offering high-performance with low-latency connection quality. Bluetooth mode is also available for low-energy battery-saving mode.

Designed to offer the best user experience for gamers, the XPG ALPHA WIRELESS Gaming Mouse offers up to 60 hours of battery life (depending on usage).

The brand new XPG ALPHA WIRELESS is built to be carried with you often and for a long time to come.
With the use of high quality OMRON switches, the XPG ALPHA WIRELESS boasts a switch MTBF of over 60 million clicks.

XPG ALPHA WIRELESS equips PIXART PAW 3335 sensor to deliver both high performance and high precision.
XPG ALPHA WIRELESS offers up to 6 preset DPI settings baked into the mouse that can be easily shuffled with the DPI button at the top of the mouse.
The sensor supports DPI range from 100 to 16,000 (via XPG PRIME), ideal for MMORPG games to FPS shooting games.




Mouse comes in a good card-box packing with product image on front and mentioning of features.

Inside the box

Along with the mouse box also includes a USB Charging and Data Cable, Wireless USB Transceiver (dongle), Quick Start Guide, Safety Leaflet and some XPG stickers.


ALPHA Wireless Gaming mouse is light weighted with nice ergonomic design for right-hand users and XPG logo on the mouse have RGB lighting effect. Mouse have side textured rubber grip with six fully programmable buttons using XPG PRIME software.

Bottom of the mouse have a three-position switch for choosing between 2.4GHz wireless, Bluetooth connectivity and an off position. There is also a small compartment in the bottom used to store the USB wireless dongle.

ALPHA Wireless mouse comes with long braided USB charging and data cable. You can keep the cable connected and use the mouse as wired mouse at the same time can charge the mouse.

ALPHA Wireless mouse body encapsulate a rechargeable Lithium-Polymer battery which offer battery life of up to 60hrs. Battery full charging time is about 2 hours.


When you plug the XPG ALPHA Wireless mouse in your PC, mouse will start working automatically, but to get full mouse customizations you have to download XPG PRIME software


For testing this ALPHA Wireless mouse we used our daily work system with CORSAIR MM350 Premium Anti-fray cloth mouse pad.


ALPHA Wireless mouse fits perfectly in my hand and with its great design and wireless connectivity playing DOOM was a comfortable gaming experience. The mouse provided fast and precise in game reaction and smooth movement using CORSAIR MM350 Premium Anti-fray cloth mouse pad.

Regular Desktop working

With its ergonomically designed the ALPHA Wireless mouse is best companion for my laptop which can easily carried within the laptop bag, makes all daily applications working experience on laptop faster and more productive with greater accuracy.


  • Ergonomically designed
  • RGB lighting
  • Choose between Wired or Wireless working
  • Easy switch between 2.4GHz and Bluetooth
  • Long battery life
  • Nice XPG PRIME software package


  • Nil


In my daily use and few long game-play sessions, for last two weeks, the XPG ALPHA Wireless mouse provides uncompromised wireless performance and comfort to gamers, maintaining nice latency levels making it one if the best offering in wireless mouse segment. Mouse offers easy to switch between 2.4GHz, Bluetooth wireless connectivity or wired connection when used between desktop and my laptop.

Considering the overall ergonomically design, features, performance and a price of approx. Rs. 5K, the XPG ALPHA Wireless gaming mouse is a great choice if you are looking for wireless gaming mouse for your gaming laptop or desktop and is worthy of our PC TeK Reviews CHOICE Award.

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